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Vanesa Kremenović, Conductor

Vanesa KremenovicVanesa Kremenović was born 1970. in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where she finished the primary and the secondary school of music. In 1989 she began music studies at the Music academy in Sarajevo, department of music theory and pedagogue and conducting (class of prof. Julio Maric). She breaks her studies after the war in BiH started and leaves for London. In 1994 she returns to Banja Luka and works in the Music School of Vlado Milosevic as teacher of the piano.

After the foundation of the Academy of Arts in the Banja Luka University she continues her music studies. She graduated at first in music theory and then in conducting (class of prof. Darinka Matic - Marovic) following with a concert of W.A. Mozart's opera "Bastien et Bastienne".

While being a student, she was very active in preparing all concerts of the Academy of Arts Orchestra. During the period 2002 - 2005 she was assistant-conductor (of prof. Darinka Matic - Marovic) of the Academy of Arts' Chamber Orchestra , where she prepared a large number of contemporary composers' works; many of them they were first performed at the Manifestation Days of Vlado Milosevic in Banja Luka. She also recorded two CD's in Radio Belgrade studio with the Chamber orchestra of the Academy of Arts as assistant conductor; in these CDs there were many premiere recordings of contemporary composers from all over the ex-Yugoslavia.

In 2004 she attends a seminar of choral music, held in Dubrovnik (Croatia) by prof. Matz Nilssen (Royal College of Music Stockholm). She conducted at the final concert in Dubrovnik and Kotor (Montenegro). In 2006 she received the Master of Music degree in the field of Music theory (special field - Harmony with analyses: Influence of the leitmotifs at harmonic flow and construction in R.Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde") in class of prof. Milos Zatkalik at Academy of Arts of Banja Luka.

Besides conducting, Vanesa Kremenovic actively writes arrangements for different types of ansambles.

Vanesa Kremenovic is one of the founders as well as the chief-conductor of the Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra.

More info:  www.vanesakremenovic.info



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