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Home Artists Orchestras Orchestra of the secondary Music School “Kosta Manojlovic” in Zemun (Serbia)
Orchestra of the secondary Music School “Kosta Manojlovic” in Zemun (Serbia)


“All orchestras perform, but we are the only ones to play music”

Orchestra of the secondary Music School “Kosta Manojlovic” in Zemun (Serbia)It could be said that this is the only permanent orchestra of its kind “on the other side of the rivers Sava and the Danube” which with its existence and activity surpasses the scope of school curriculum and thus exists as a contemporary cultural institution. The undeniable successes of this orchestra on our and European scene got one more quality by forming a special class for music talents in which special attention is paid to group and orchestral performance. The members of this orchestra are award winners in republic and international competitions in the following categories: soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras.

The considerable investments of the school have made the orchestra’s intensive work  possible and have also made possible a large number of appearances at concerts and completion of various projects. Some members of this orchestra are part of the European CEI – Youth Orchestra which consists of European best young musicians.

The repertoire of the orchestra covers the works of the composers of baroque, classicism, romanticism and modern period; the works of foreign and domestic authors for chamber and symphony orchestras. Since December 2007. The orchestra has been led by conductor Nebojsa Cvijanovic in cooperation with the violin teacher, Vladimir Nikolic. In this period, the orchestra has performed at 17 concerts in our country and abroad: in Gasteig Carl-Orff Hall in Munich, in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, in the School of Dramatic Arts’ hall in Moscow, in the hall of the Cultural Centre in Budapest, in the Press Centre hall in eastern Sarajevo, in the large hall of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, in the gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in the hall of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and also at festivals in Kotor, Podgorica and Corfu.

The generations of students who have performed with this orchestra, have gained rich experience, knowledge and the skill of playing, so hence the slogan:“All orchestras perform, but we are the only ones to play music”.

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