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Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra


Banja Luka Philharmonic OrchestraBanja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra (Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a very young orchestra, founded in January 2010 by Ms. Agnes Lacko,   Ms. Vanesa Kremenović, Mr. Ivan Otašević and Mr. Damir Jovanić.


At this moment there are 45 active musicians, gathered enthusiastically during the first six months since the Orchestra got established. Members of the orchestra are mainly musicians graduated from the Banja Luka Academy of Arst - with some of them cooperating with the orchestras in BiH surroundings, but there are also music professors and teachers of the Banja Luka Academy of Arts and thw Music School actively involved in the Orchestra’s work. The Orchestra was founded with support of City of Banja Luka and Republic of Srpska Government.

The Orchestra is fulfilled their strategy plan of gathering 50 members till the end of 2011. This group is publicly active since the real beginning, within the scope defined by the number and kind of musicians who joined so far. The Orchestra takes part in performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina, rapidly improving and establishing its authentic image and joint sound - the aiming components of every good orchestra. The members are young, but already recognized musicians. Being so young, as most of them are, and represented with 75% of women, this orchestra members set new standards and raise expectations, both in the quality of their work and innovative approach to the comprehensive challenges in this practice area. The Orchestra’s chief conductor is Ms. Vanesa Kremenović, and the Director is Ivan Otašević. During this two wonderful years there was over 30 concerts and about 20 well-known soloists of Balkan region and Europe. There were two international tours, where these young musicians played to audiences in Italy (with six string orchestra concerts) and in Sweden (with three symphony orchestra concerts).

It is always a great experience, when musicians from different countries play together – in these moments they understand each other perfectly and they speak with magic of unique language of music. This is their first time in Greece, and they hope that audience will love and understand their music language.







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