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Home Artists Soloists Yasuyo Segawa, Piano left hand (Japan)
Yasuyo Segawa, Piano left hand (Japan)

Yasuyo SegawaShe was a pupil of Prof.Yoshiyasu Hamamoto and studied at  Elisabeth University of Music under Prof.Yukio Yokoyama.
In 2005 Symptoms of focal dystonia appeared in right hand and then she was undergoing rehabilitation for a year.She took lessons from a left hand pianist for Private between 2009 and 2012.
Since then she has renewed music activities as a left hand pianist .
Since 2012 she studies at University of Music and Perfoming Arts Graz under Prof.Ayami Ikeba.
She performed Takashi Yoshimatsu's Piano Concerto for the left hand in 2010 and M.Ravel's Piano Concerto for the left hand in 2012 with the Hiroshima Symphony  Orchestra.
In 2015 won 3prize in the 3rd International Piano Competition Maria Herrero(Spain)and Grete Sultan Prize(for the best interpretation of a contemporary composition written after1975) in the 5th "Nuova Coppa Pianisti"International Piano Competition(Italy).
Recently,she played in several halls and Salons in Japan and Europe and appeared in the major Japanese newspapers including Yomiuri ,Asahi and Chu-goku and national TV/Radio programs including NHK.


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