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Editions & Events

Here in this section you will find all information about Editions & Events organized within EVMELIA International Music Festival.

  • 2016 Evmelia (V)   ( 3 Articles )
  • 2015 Evmelia (IV)   ( 9 Articles )
  • 2014 Evmelia (III)   ( 6 Articles )

    2014 Evmelia (III)

  • 2013 Evmelia (ΙΙ)   ( 8 Articles )

    Ney Rosauro

    After the tremendous success of the 1st ‘Evmelia’ International Music Festival the Porphyrogenis Foundation is proud to announce the 2nd ‘Evmelia to be held from April 12 to April 27 2013.

    Some of the biggest artists of the world, like the Brazilian Ney Rosauro, the King of Percussionists, will perform to the frames of the Evmelia II Festival. Ney Rosauro will perform as a soloist at the closing ceremony concert of the Evmelia II Festival.

    - = New concert series are being organized = -

  • 2012 Cristmas Concert   ( 1 Article )

    2012 Cristmas Concert

  • 2012 Evmelia (Ι)   ( 3 Articles )

    Rousanda Panfili - John Psathas, GyftikoMusicians with a global career, coming from 14 countries of the world, saw the “Evmelia” Festival, already in the first year of its accomplishment, very seriously. The Festival organized 8 concerts during 10 days with tremendous success: solo recitals, chamber music concerts and an orchestral concert. 4 famous music documentaries have been broadcasted to the frames of the Festival.

    Every year a composer with an international reputation will be the Festival’s composer-in-residence; some of the most representative works of this composer will be performed. Evmelia's 2012 composer-in-residence was the great Greek-New Zealander composer John Psathas, who attended in person the ceremony concert dedicated to his works, as well as the broadcasting of the famous documentary "View from Olympus - A portrait of John Psathas, Composer", which has been presented in Greece for the first time.

    All the concerts have been streamed live online for the first time in Greece, in order that the international audiences hear directly the voice of the “Evmelia” Festival.

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