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Home Editions & Events 2012 Christmas Concert Childrens Choir “Milka Stoeva”, Burgas, Bulgaria
Childrens Choir “Milka Stoeva”, Burgas, Bulgaria

Children's Choir

The youth Choir is a representative formation of a recognized Choral School in Bulgaria. The Choral School of Burgas is one of the well-known musical non-professional schools in Bulgaria. During 1947 in Burgas was established youth choir by a famous Bulgarian composer and conductor - Mr.Boris Ibrishimov. This choir formed the basis for organizing of entire choral school years later /1962/. Since 1972 beams its stabilizing and permanent ascending development. Major part in Choir's growth, its excellence and forming one brilliant tradition played the long-term conductor of the Choral School - Mrs.Milka Stoeva.

The youth Choir is active participant in our town cultural and social life. It participates in numerous concerts in the town and all around the country. The choir is also a winner of first and special prizes of the following European competitions:- 20th European Choral Festival, Neerpelt - Belgium, First Prize, Special Jury Prize;

  • 5th European Festival of Children Choirs, Olomouc - Czechoslovakia, Prize of the Audience, The Prize of Mlada Fronta Newspaper;
  • Music Impressions International Musical Competition. Bydgosczs. -Poland, First Prize "Golden String";
  • Bela Bartok International Choral Competition, Debrecen - Hungary, First Prize in the category, Prize for Folk Songs, Conductor's Prize;
  • International Choral Competition, Verona - Italy, First Prize, Special Prize;
  • International Choral Competition “Riva del Garda”, Italy, Silver Diplom
  • International  Choral  Competition ,Karditsa- Greece ,First Prize
  • International  Choral   Festival , Antalya ,Turkey , ІІ Prize

International tours were made in ex Yugoslavia, ex USSR, Hungary,Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Croatia.

For the last several years conductor of the youth Choir is Mrs.Svetla Stoeva, The Choir and conductor successfully continue the tradition for popularizing Bulgarian choir singing and for integration of our National and the European Cultures.






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