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Home Editions & Events 2013 Evmelia (II) 2013 Evmelia (II) - Photos of Concerts (a)
2013 Evmelia (II) - Photos of Concerts (a)

Katerina Porphyrogenis, Robert Selitrenny, Ney Rosauro, Atvars Lakstigala Christos Hatzis The concert hall is really crowed Short break between rehearsals Liepaja Symphony Orchestra "Amber Sound" (Latvia) Quartet "Amfir"
George Kontogiorgos & Christos Hatzis-congratulating the Piano Trio Kohar Andonian, Vasil Atanasov Liepaja "Amber Sound" Symphony Orchestra-two minutes before their concert The Quartet "Amfir" is performing Christos Hatzis Christos Hatzis and Rusanda Panfili The Harp has just arrived from Skopje for the concert
"Pearls of Greek music" I: tribute to Mikis Theodorakis The Porphyrogenis Foundation Rusanda Panfili, Marija Vrskova George Sgouridis Short break during the Christos Hatzis' rehearsals No more places in the concert hall; but the people are still listening from outside
Quartet "Amfir" and cellist Seeli Toivio Daniel Lozakovitj The triumph after Christos Hatzis' concert Volodja Balzalorsky, Marija Vrskova, Elena Skvortsova Ney Rosauro is performing his own Marimba Concerto Maria Pikoula, Christos Hatzis, Rusanda Panfili & Volodja Balzalorsky
(instruments of) The Quartet "Amfir" Our public is always excited Warm applause for Hatzis' concert Atvars Lakstigala is conducting the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra "Amber Sound" George Sgouridis: the man thanks to whom and his company "Friktoria" the live streaming has been achieved On the stage after the farewell concert of Evmelia II
Quartet "Amfir" <p>Elena Skvortsova, Marija Vrskova</p>Elena Skvortsova, Marija Vrskova Our Piano...one minute breath before the next work Some fresh air is coming from the Evmelia's office during the warm atmosphere of the concerts Late night concert: tribute to Claude Bolling- a real triumph Quartet "Amfir", Dino Mastroyiannis, Seeli Toivio
Where to put so many sheet music? Rusanda Panfili Hatzis is speaking about his works Christos Hatzis (composer-in-residence 2013) Elenea Skvortsova is practising Still rehearsing...
Christos Hatzis Robert Selitrenny is greeting the Orchestra The Cello is waiting - it was lunch time... Luca Sanzo, Maurizio Pacciarello The Piano in the chamber-music hall Volodja Balzalorsky, Maria Pikoula, Seeli Toivio
The Marimba has just arrived for Ney Rosauro's concert


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