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Home Editions & Events 2013 Evmelia (II) Evmelia's II composer-in-residence: Christos Hatzis
Evmelia's II composer-in-residence: Christos Hatzis

Christos HatzisBorn in Greece, educated in the United States and a Canadian citizen since 1985, composer Christos Hatzis (b.1953) is becoming widely known as a leading figure in contemporary classical music. His works are performed and broadcast throughout the world, and their frequent combination of a powerful spiritual foundation with an immediately accessible appeal has made a deep emotional impact upon audiences and performers alike.


"I feel strongly that with my music, I am trying to force a tiny opening in the clouds that will allow His Light to shine through.

At best, I am a follower, not a master,and my MASTER holds the patterns and patents of my being and work.

So, in the best of circumstances, I can only think of myself as an imitator."

Christos Hatzis





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