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Home Editions & Events 2016 Evmelia (V) Takashi Yoshimatsu's message to the "Evmelia" V Festival
Takashi Yoshimatsu's message to the "Evmelia" V Festival

I am deeply honored that my work is to be presented at your music festival in Greece, the birthplace of western music, which I so love and admire.

Though I was born and raised in Japan, when I was in my teens I was captivated by western classical music and started to make music myself. Japan has music with a thousand-year history, and when I was a youth it was the rock era. But I was drawn to the sound of orchestras and, in the belief that there was a way to make all music understood with the "five-line staff" system which describes this orchestral sound, I chose to become a composer.

My music is made by programming the various images and ideas drifting through my mind with the word "notes." It covers a wide range of things--symbolic images such as birds and stars and angels, rock and jazz and music from various parts of the world (including Greece and Japan, of course), memory fragments of science and mathematics and history, novels and poetry and films and comics and animation, and more.

Everything has been acquired through self-study, and they are are extremely personal works that have been treated as "heresy" by the academic and contemporary music worlds. But through my encounters with wonderful musicians, I am able to come into contact with the "universal" world that all people share. I truly believe this.

To the people of Greece,
with thanks

Takashi Yoshimatsu
March 2016


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